Advice and Support

At Universal Gems, we have spent over twenty years to ensure our customers value & cherish what we have on offer. Sourcing the finest diamonds & ensuring you get the size, the sparkle you desire. Created with passion & love.

You are not just purchasing a ring, necklace or other piece of jewellery, you are taking with you a fragment of historic heritage. We’d love to be a part of your journey and share our expertise with you at Universal Gems. Through an exceptional offering to Universal Gems customers; we provide you will full peace of mind, offer the most competitive diamond pricing and have a wide selection of Platinum Engagement Rings, White Gold Engagement Rings, Range of Diamonds and Wedding Bands available. Why not visit our store or call us for more information?
We are situated just opposite Fellows auction house.

Please feel free to email for any advice and support you require when deciding on your exquisite piece of jewellery. We would like to assure you that any advice and support given comes from mature and experienced jewellers who have many decades of hands on experience.


How much you spend on your wedding rings is an individual decision.Universal offers a wide selection of handcrafted wedding rings that will satisfy any spending plan. Regardless of your budget, aim to purchase your wedding rings at least two months in advance of your ceremony. This will allow a comfortable amount of time for the delivery of your rings and any size adjustments that may be necessary.


When choosing the metal for your wedding rings, consider color, durability, and weight. If you’re looking for a white metal, options include platinum, palladium, or white gold. Each has its own qualities and weight. Platinum, for example, is hypoallergenic – ideal for those with skin sensitivities. For a sunny glow, the traditional 18kt yellow gold may be your best choice. 18kt rose gold brings romantic warmth, appealing to those wanting a more distinct band. Note the metal of her engagement ring and any other jewellery you both regularly wear, such as watches and earrings. Universal offers a wide variety of wedding ring styles both with and without diamonds, including classic, modern, and vintage style.


At Universal, you’ll find a variety of wedding ring edges and fits for both men and women. With over 30 years experience, we cater for all budgets and guarantee going the extra mile to ensure we deliver your engagement ring, wedding band at superb value. As a diamond merchant, we are unique in the sense that we’re able to pass on discounts for certified GIA and IGI diamonds, complete with the Universal Lifetime Support.  Universal offer a variety of finish options so if you’d like to review our styles and collection, perhaps view our style guides and exchange some ideas! Why not meet us over a glass of bubbly to discover more. Women’s diamond wedding bands offer extraordinary sparkle and shine in every shape and style. Men’s plain wedding bands and women’s plain wedding bands have classic appeal for those who want or need a simpler ring.

Customer's Testimonials

Aman & Mark Pothecary

Super service, received my diamond ring and it is amazing. It came complete with certificate and all hallmarks; I was pleasantly supirces to also receive a very warm call from the Shop Manager also. Thank you to everyone at Universal gems! From Bristol

H & S Khela

“I have always been cautious with Diamonds and rings, but the support and advice I received here led me to my first dance. Thank you so much for my diamond ring, I am always smiling knowing I made a sound choice with Universal gems. You guys are awesome!” From Leicester

Emily Price

"After looking online and visiting three other stores, my heart led me back to where my search began. Peter was very helpful and not only price matched- went the extra mile and sourced me a diamond that was a better cut, clarity and yes- it was bigger!! Thank you Peter!" From Newcastle

Beth & Gary Roberts

"Universal Gems offered us amazing value for the size and quality of our diamond. Its nice to deal with someone who knows about sourcing the right stone and packaged beautifully. Thank you once again." From Leeds

Ronald Jenkins & Family

“Peter has been our family jewellery for the last 15 years. We have always been extremely fond of the jewellery quarter, Birmingham. I’ve had both my daughters married in the past 5 years and I have always been very happy with service and after care.” From Bimringham